Aust Liadon

A mysterious, quixotic mage. Very nice, but direct.


Wizard Paragon: Spell Storm Heroic: Demigod

STR: 14 CON: 20 DEX: 16 INT: 29 WIS: 16 CHA: 13

AC: 33 Fort: 29 Ref: 33 Will: 30

HP: 128

Feats: Expanded Spell Book, Winter Touched, Alertness, Inescapable Force, Burning Blizzard, Spell Focus, Dark Fury, Second Implement, Improved Initiative, Spell Accuracy, Raging Storm, Blind-Fight, Ritual Caster, Resounding Thunder, Second (Third) Implement

“Spells” Magic Missile, Disintegrate, Thunder Wave, Maze, Chain Lightning, Legions Hold, Black Fire, Maelstrom, Storm Cage, Expeditious Retreat, Greater Invisibility, Mirror Image, Mord. Magnetism, Sudden Storm, Thunder Lance

Divine Regeneration

Languages All (Including Supernal and Abyssal – Because I said so)

  • Ghost Phase Armor
  • +6 Vicious Longsword
  • Orb of Destruction
  • Staff of the War Mage

Not much is known about Aust, although he is the reason that the party has found there current path.

Aust Liadon

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